Why You Need Solar Panel and Battery System Upgrades

When you’re on the road, you’ll need accessible and reliable power and electricity sources for your caravan and appliances. As a solution for the demand, solar panels become a popular choice for providing portable power supply for caravans and motorhomes. To supplement it, a reliable battery setup would get the entire system up and running.

A perfect example would be our client’s LDV V80 Van High Roof we’ve installed portable power supplies for caravans on.

We installed a solar battery monitor BMV-712 from AM Solar. It is one of Victron’s newest high precision battery monitors that calculate all the amp-hours consumed by the solar panels and the state of the battery charge. It is compatible with all battery types which make it no problem for installing on their caravan and yours. Connected to it is a BCDC charger along with its fuse. portable power supplies on caravans, LDV V80 Van high roof

For this service, we supplied and fitted this solar panel and battery setup to run two 12v fans, a 12v smart TV and chargers on our client’s caravan. The client also wanted to use the solar panels that work even with low sunlight exposure.

Additionally, we supplied and fitted 240v inlets and outlets all over the caravan including a hatch connecting to the roof.

All of which makes it more convenient for the client to get reliable power supply that does not fail on the road.

If you need particular service like this done, our experts over at AllBrand Caravans can get it done for you. Contact us or visit our shop if you need an expert service on caravans.