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We take your caravan- and motorhome-related problems as our own! Our years of experience in the caravan and motoring industries taught us that when it comes to caravan and motorhome issues, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” kind of solution. With this, you can expect a more personalised approach in receiving answers to your questions.

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Experience the best and highest-quality of automotive and caravan services. Professional engineers and mechanics are at the ready to serve and upgrade your vehicle.

Mechanical and Automotive Electrics

Quick and lightning fast! We fix your automotive’s computer and electrical systems to their best functions.

Automotive Air Conditioning Services

Experience the fresh air indoors. We install, repair, and provide maintenance to your automotive air-conditioner and cooling system.

Caravan Services

Bring comfort to your caravan with our determined repair and maintenance professionals.

Caravan Insurance Repairs

With your insurance claim, we will be happy to pick up your damaged caravan and return it with all-new professional repairs.

Solar Power Installation

Power up your caravan with expert solar sales and insulation for your eco-friendly and practical electric source.

4x4 and Outback Touring Setups

Prepare yourself for the road trip. Traveling with functional spare caravan wheels keeps you worry-free to drive the road ahead.

Marine Electrics and Repair

Marine vessels are also within our reach. We want our clients to reach the expanse of the sea with our marine electrics repair and maintenance services.

HID & LED Lighting Upgrades

Brighten the path ahead of you, and take your evening drives to the most lively experience. Upgrade your automotive and caravans with HID & LED lighting.

Approved Caravan Repairs

We work regularly with many of the major insurance companies for all types of caravan repairs.