What You Should Check Regularly on Your Brake Safety Unit

Safety must be our number 1 priority driving on the road. Brake safety units fitted to your trailer not only help you avoid vehicle damage but also keep you safe. However, only when they’re functional. That’s why we’re sharing 4 indicators you need to look out for when using your brake safety unit and how your brake safety unit works.

How to check for these indicators on your brake safety unit:
  1. Open up your brake safety unit compartment.
  2. Check your battery condition and use the test button.
  3. Check out and look into these light-battery indicators
    a) Green light indicates your battery is functional.
    b) Red light indicates your battery is low.
    c) Orange light indicates your battery is charging.
    d) No light indicates our battery is dead.

If your battery dies, the brake safety unit connected to the brake safety pin attached on your caravan to your vehicle does not function. When it is unhooked from your caravan, it releases it from your vehicle without stopping which can cause it to go off the road. And, become an obstruction on the road that makes it a danger for other drivers and cause potential damage to your caravan.

Your brake safety unit’s pin is a safety measure intended for your caravan. Once they come off, electric brakes come on automatically after being activated from the brake safety unit. Your unit will not work if its batteries are empty and no longer charged.

Make use of your brake safety unit by also making sure it functions when you need it the most. It’s best to create a list of things to check when you’re taking your caravan on a trip. Include checking your brake safety unit’s batteries a priority on this list. And, if you’re looking into getting your own brake safety unit, you can get installation, repair and maintenance services for your unit over at AllBrand Caravans.

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