What You Get from Regular Timing Belt Check-Ups

Maintaining the condition of your vehicle’s timing belt is crucial to your entire engine’s performance. It is responsible for delivering precise motion at accurate timing hence, the name timing belt. Unlike gears, it is a relatively cheaper choice. Most of all, it has a significantly high mechanical efficiency of up to 98%.

But, like all mechanical and car parts they get damaged and worsen over time. When your timing belt is not working properly or is causing you problems, it’s important to get it repaired or replaced. How would you know? Regular timing belt check-ups from full-on car check-ups every few months or every 100,000 km distance travelled.

Besides, hearing strange noises from your engine or your car’s constant misfiring and starting delays, you’ll know you need a timing belt replacement from regular timing belt check-ups. With a broken timing belt, you’ll notice decreased car power that results in poor and rough car performance.

Timing belt damages present a dangerous situation anr you and your family on the road. These damages include significant damage to crank bearings and your oil pump inside the oil pan. When timing belts snap, they can also collide on each other and cause cylinder head and wall damages.
All of these damages can cause bank-breaking expenses to repair your vehicle which could have been prevented by simply getting your timing belt checked. It’s a simple root solution that prevents future problems in the long-run.

When you have a worn-out timing belt, this could indicate you need to lubricate your engine or if conditions are worse than worn-out, you may need to get it replaced. Replacing your timing belt can also help bring back your car’s original performance back when it was new.

Here at McArthur Industries, we help our clients perform diagnostic check-ups on their vehicles including checking on their timing belt. We’ve had heaps of timing belt-related problems that could’ve been prevented ahead of time if it were checked. For our clients who’ve experienced these kinds of problems and have learned from it, we’ve received them regularly for check-ups and receive feedback on them not having any timing belt problems they’ve experienced before after timing belt repair, follow-up maintenance, or replacement services for them. Contact us or visit our shop if you need an expert services on Caravan Awnings.