The Best Places to Relax and Camp Your Caravan Near Brisbane

Ready your tents and pack your bags! You know you have been thinking about taking that relaxing and peaceful trip to get away from the city hustle and rumble. It’s once in a while, you say. But, at that moment you are capable of living one of the best days of your year. You can make the day how you want it to be. Choose from an exploring stroll around the city, going out for late-night drinks with friends, have lunch with your family and special someone, or take yourself and everyone to one of the best places to relax and camp near Brisbane.

Imagine starting the weekend with a fresh and newly-serviced caravan from McArthur Industries, you take it to the streets with a satisfied look on your face and a rewarding caravan service. You begin to go through all your things and have your sleeping bags, your hiking gear, fishing and cooking tools, and camping set-up ready in your caravan. With a final lock to your front door, you feel the rush to the caravan fill you with excitement and expectations that this whole weekend will be the best.

Departing from the crowded sidewalks and busy streets, you’ll smile at the towering buildings and begin thinking: Soon, these will be the magnificent trees. You found the cure to your road rage as the traffic and heat no longer upset you but instead, the sunlight becomes your beacon of hope that this will be an exciting weekend. And, with generic radio music and car mufflers around you, the noise feels non-existent as you begin to hear birds chirping, leaves swaying, and water gushing forth. Now, if I go on, you might think twice about you being delusional.

But, you will not have to think twice about these best places to relax and camp your caravan close Brisbane, Australia!

Thunderbird Park

With an estimated 1 hr and 10-minute drive, a trip to Thunderbird Park will send your adventurous heart’s wanting to seek a fulfilling exploration. Notable for the adventure it brings, Thunderbird park has a wide variety of activities that will surely get your blood pumping for more.

Located on Hinterland property, the park boasts a mountainscape that overlooks the great expanse of the great wilderness and clear skies. Here at Thunderbird Park, you have the chance to explore for treasure in gemstone-filled thundereggs imagined to be laid at a time when the beastly dinosaurs roam this earth with Rockodile, rock expert. Then, enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush on the Canyon Flyer, and send your energy through the roof. Engage yourself in energetic fights with laser skirmish games in the jungle. Reaching farther heights, the Tree Top Challenge will get you clinging on a high ropes course named as Australia’s longest and highest! Scale ladders, test your balance, catch the wild, dive into tunnels and leap high!

Feed the burning desire inside you, becoming one with the park’s centerpiece, the Terrace Kiosk, with a tasty-pizza baking oven. Enjoy affordable and delicious meals and snacks at the Terrace Kiosk and at the Terrace Deli that also has easy-to-bring delicacies that are microwavable.

For your family trips and getaways, for your adventurous rush and calling, and for your love of nature and its wonder: camp your caravan at the Thunderbird Park and experience the magnificence of the Tamborine mountainside

Lamington National Park

Being its own paradise, an hour and 21 minutes away from Sandgate, the Lamington National Park has captivating lush green rainforests and magnificent ancient trees that tower against the sapphire blue skies. Explore vast walking tracks while you take in the stunning views of the natural beauty treasured at this national park. Being an Australian World Heritage Area, the park’s Gondwana Rainforests uphold the ecological significance it has to be deemed worthy as an exceptional place to take an adventure at.

Bask in the aroma of meaty goodness at the Lamington National Park, as you barbecue your steaks and pork chops against the sunlight streaks glistening on the juices of the mouth-watering meal. After fueling your stomach, take an energy-extensive hike to the many walking tracks and rainforests of the national park. One of these would be the Mount Edwards Summit Trail which is about 3km, and being a challenging hike, it would take about 2 hrs to come back. Coming to a rest, camp out and relax in your tent to listen to the chirping of the birds and wind swaying the ancient trees. With your caravan, you may book accommodations for it especially if it is longer than 4m.

Lake Moogerah

Being 140 km away from Brisbane, taking an hour and 41-minute to the beautiful body of water Lake Moogerah has. With both the marine blue and blue skies above, the lake feels like a peek to a whole new dimension of heavenly nature. Enjoy the greatness of wide plains that surround the wondrous lake, camp your caravan here and set up tent to stay for the night or nights you wish to enjoy staying here under a million stars and a stunning lake.

Enjoy sunset dinners and barbecue here as you spectate at the heights of Mount Greville and Mount Alford. Roast a hearty and lunch with family and friends as you view the captivating Main Range National Park. Also, along the dam wall is Reynolds Creek, a place for recreational activities that offers great barbecue! Being a lovely place to chill, the creek also is a great and popular spot for swimming and fishing.

Going back to the lake proper, besides camping your caravans here for the amazing and scenic campsite opportunity, you can, of course, take a cool swim into the lake, and a boating session that you may take along with your towed boat.

Now, that was certainly exciting! Looking forward to this trio of the best caravan camping experiences, I am surely planning to visit these captivating entries of natural and stunning beauty. Time to take in the breath-taking and spectacular wonder of the mountain range and tenure of lush green forests and plains. The only thing left to ask is: which one should I adventure to first? Contact us or visit our shop if you need an expert service on Caravan Awnings.