The Best Automotive Services in Australia

There are heaps of automotive and caravan issues that need fixing. Looking for the best automotive and caravan services can be quite a challenge. You keep making sure if they are high-quality, reliable, and the best! If you are looking for the best mechanics in Australia, then know that is McArthur Industries. We are a group of companies that have the best automotive and caravan specialists. We upgrade your whole driving experience into something phenomenal. People from all over Queensland trust us to get the job done right!

Since 1973, the best mechanics are operating at 113 Connaught Street, Sandgate, Queensland. We offer a high-quality service you will never forget. From automotive electrics, automotive air-conditioning, and caravan customization services, and more! This one-stop automotive repair shop has every automotive and caravan solution you need! McArthur Industries has had 47 years of experience. With this experience, we make your automotive and caravan the safest and best vehicle on the road!

Mechanical and Automotive Electrics

We check beyond the hood and go deep into every problem. And, we come out with the best solutions for you! Our professional mechanics are quick and lightning fast! Even in the speed, they always make sure you get sturdy and top-of-the-range service and repairs. We will take care of your engine being the most performing. We make your batteries power up your car to be the most efficient. We fix your automotive’s computer and electrical systems to be the most functional. We bolt and secure your tires to your steering for the most safest drive. From simple battery checks to entire automotive and caravan mods, we have the best for you.

Automotive Air Conditioning Services

We want you to experience the fresh air indoors. McArthur Industries makes it a breeze for you to have top-condition air-conditioning. We install, repair, and provide maintenance to your automive air-conditioner and cooling system. There won’t be any spot of your vehicle that would be too warm or too chilly for you to be comfortable with. Your comfort matters and we get the best experts to fix any clog or broken fan in your air-conditioning.

Caravan Mods and Upgrades

An adventure is nothing without the awesome experience that it brings you. Here at McArthur Industries, the only direction your caravan upgrades have with us is – being more! We max out upgrading your caravan with custom installations and efficient systems. We will get Anderson plugs and hybrid batteries and more to upgrade your caravan power. We install appliances and everything you need to make your caravan an amazing home. Besides that, we install safety upgrades like towing mirrors, weight distribution, and back cameras.

Caravan Insurance Repairs

Take your insurance claim with us. We will be happy to pick up your damaged caravan from your home. Doing the professional caravan repairs that bring extraordinary results. The next time you will see your caravan will be with all-new professional repairs. We return it in a condition that you will not believe your eyes. It will be looking brand-new, damage-free, and ready-to-go! You will get the most out of your insurance claim.

Solar Power Installation

Rely on efficient and cost-saving power sources for your caravan. We have experts on solar power installation ready to set up your solar roofs. We care about the environment and we are highly-equipped to do so. McArthur Industries gives your caravan the option to attach it on the roof or make it portable! One thing is for sure though, it will be your eco-friendly and practical power source for your caravan.HID & LED Lighting Upgrades

Brighten the path ahead of you, and ensure your safety. Be highly-capable of avoiding roadkills, accidents, and collisions with the greatest visibility. Make others see you as always on the road. Besides making sure you are safe, you get to light up the highway with your awesome car. We make your evening drive the most lively experience. Upgrading your automotive and caravans with HID & LED lighting will get you the best.

Marine Electrics and Repair

Marine vessels are also within our reach. We want our clients to reach the expanse of the sea with our marine electrics repair. We also provide maintenance services that put your boat to excellent seafaring status. It will be all safe waters for you and you got nothing to worry. Once your marine vessel is out of our repair shop, it’ll be back to being unstoppable.

There is more to the quality services showcased here. McArthur Industries is a group of companies that prioritizes excellent customer service. It is all about getting you the best and the most.

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