Sandgate Auto Electrics of the McArthur Industries group does more than just automotive repairs and upgrades. We help take care and maintain marine vessels too. There are supposedly millions of boaters in Australia and we enjoy the waters with them too. That is why we offer heaps of marine vessel repair and maintenance services here at Sandgate Auto Electrics.

One of our many marine vessel services is our service for marine electric needs. We offer services that keep your electrics safe under your boat covers. Protecting the many fuses and circuits under your boat. We make sure your boat is reliable when you take it out to sail.

We have professionally qualified and insured marine electricians carrying out all marine electrical services. Sandgate Auto Electrics assures you that a marine technical expert is working on your marine vessel and equipment. 

Our professional, qualified and insured marine electricians carry out all electrical services ranging from marine navigation systems, communication equipment, your batteries and electronics, alternators, autopilot and radar systems, inverters, pump services, and UHF/VHF Radio repairs and maintenance. 

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