Take Advantage of Your Hail Damage Repairs with Caravan Roof Upgrades

It just so happens you come in to have your roof repairs. Heavy hail dents the roof of your truck and caravan. You end up needing hail damage repairs. Caravans like this Paramount Adventurer that we took in our automotive shop needs hail damage repairs supported with an insurance claim.

Hail damage repairs are a need especially when the damage is done on your roof. A hail damage roof repair ensures that in the event of another hail or a possible rockfall, you are safe from harm and having the roof fall on you. Besides the roof, having your caravan hail damage repairs keeps you safer from possible collisions from the side, front, and rear portions of your caravan. This includes your windshield, side mirrors, and windows.

Along with ensured safety, you’ll have a brand-new looking caravan after the hail damage repairs.

While your caravan roof is having its repairs, why not add mods that will greatly improve your caravan experience. Here are a couple of suggested additions to your caravan roof:

1 Solar panel installation

Having solar panels installed on your caravan roof allows you to maximize the power you can use for your caravan. You’ll be having more electricity flow for your many motorhome appliances. It is a need to have solar panels on your caravan roof, and with that, you want to have the highest quality of solar panels that saves you on power consumption.

2 Satellite TV

Sometimes the outback wilderness can be a bit tiring. During the trip, it would be nice to watch a movie or stay tuned to your favorite TV show. Attaching a satellite TV to your caravan lets you stay updated on the latest news, watch movies and TV even while you’re out there on a camp.

3 Extra antenna

Most of the time, extra means better and having an extra antenna ensures better signal connectivity. Be assured you are within a phone’s reach with an extra antenna that extends the signal frequencies to contact you. You might even want to have an extra antenna as a backup for anything that goes wrong with the main one.

4 Roof-mounted fridge vent

Finally, a roof-mounted fridge vent that maintains the ventilation of your refrigerator. You won’t have to ventilate it in your caravan nor limit it from doing so. Installing a roof-mounted fridge vent keeps the ventilation up and unnoticed.

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