Powered by the Sun: The Concept of Caravan Solar Roofs

What Are Caravan Solar Roofs And What Do They Do?

Caravan solar roofs are efficient and resourceful sources of electricity as they are renewable. Solar panels can come in glass, mobile, and folding panels that offer versatility when it comes to choosing the right solar power source for you. Holding tenure and positive review, glass panels are noted to be the best for commercial installations. Glass panels come in sturdy frames and attached on the caravan roof so that they have the needed air circulation that reduces the temperature produced. More so, the reason these are installed on the roof is because they require to be safe from damage from the risks of placing them on the sides or at the rear.

How Do You Install Caravan Solar Roofs?

Seemingly complicated, a caravan solar power installation is far easier to do than what you expect. Composed of the solar panel, regulator, inverter, and battery, the system works with the solar panel first converting UV radiation into electricity that would charge the DC battery. A regulator is as it is named, a device that would regulate the electricity flow that would bring exceeding charge or discharge. An inverter, on the other hand, converts DC electricity into AC for equipment that uses AC electricity inside the caravan.

Why Have Caravan Solar Roofs?

Suggestively, solar panels are recommended as they are easy to use and transport in or on traveling caravans. Another addition would be, folding solar panels that boast the ability to be conveniently transported and brought around the campsite to find the area with most UV radiation aka sunlight.

Having caravan solar roofs allow you to have flexibility, reliability, and efficiency in having an electric power source for your caravan. The need to have a renewable source of energy that saves you on costs and efforts to power your caravan, its equipment, and appliances are satisfied with having solar roofs as they are easily transported and installed for your transportation comfort.

Surely, it would be a great pleasure and comfort to have a renewable power source that is efficient and reliable on your caravan. Truly, it is best to have them installed by the most qualified professionals at caravan services and maintenance that can be found ready at your service here at McArthur Industries, the leading experienced automotive and caravan services, and repairs in Sandgate, North Brisbane. Contact us or visit our shop if you need an expert service on caravans.