Our Company’s History – Celebrating 50 Years Of Servicing The Local Community.

Sandgate Auto Electrics & Air Conditioning ​​is a local, family-owned and operated business in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, specialising in auto-mechanics and auto-electrics. We started off as a backyard business 50 years ago, founded by Allan and Susan McArthur, with only a $60-dollar capital.

Through grit, hard work, and unparalleled motivation to render the best auto electric services in the suburb, we grew into a bigger company forming part of the McArthur Industries group and we have always lived by our tagline:

“Moving with the times”

Since our inception, we have always stayed true to our calling, to move with the times – to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of our community. In the past years, we’ve been getting more customers. Back then, only customers from nearby suburbs came to us for service. Today, we have customers advising us that no matter how far they are situated, they are very much willing to drive to our location just to have their vehicles looked at and serviced by us.

We have now expanded our premises to better cater to all our customers coming in, providing them with bigger parking spaces and a more conducive waiting area, where they can relax in full confidence knowing that they will soon leave our premises with nothing but pure satisfaction. The journey over the past 50 years has been marked by both challenges and triumphs. We have endured sacrifices and celebrated accomplishments along the way.

Today, we gather with the cherished individuals who hold significance in our lives and our community, rejoicing in our golden anniversary. We are deeply grateful for your unwavering support, which has allowed us to give back and honour this remarkable milestone we have achieved.