How to Maintain a Dust-Free Caravan

Long-distance caravanning can lead to dust accumulation inside your caravan. On the road, you could experience ventilation problems that bring down the comfort of your caravanning getaway.

While you’re travelling filters may clog up and cause more dust and dirt to spread around your caravan or motorhome’s interior airflow. In our years of servicing the caravan industry, we’ve had problems when it comes to dust filtration and poor ventilation inside their caravans. Luckily, with the advancement of newer products, we were able to introduce a highly-effective caravan dust prevention system for caravanners and camping enthusiasts who need a reliable one on the go.

Introducing the CaraFan Sahara: a caravan roof installation made for dust-free ventilation for comfortable caravanning and fresh mobile home atmospheres in mind. The CaraFan Sahara Pressuriser is made to keep dust out from your caravan without blocking ventilation. Thus, also reducing allergies that are caused by dust build-up. The CaraFan Sahara, unlike other dust-prevention vents or systems, is easy to clean and maintain.

The CaraFan Sahara is made of lightweight aluminum at only 8 kgs only distributed along its external dimensions of 675 mm x 525 mm and interior dimensions of 355mm x 355mm. In operation, it is a 12 volt unit which draws 6 amps for it to function.

Aesthetically-pleasing, the CaraFan Sahara comes with an internal cover that gives a factory-finish look inside the caravan. For ventilation, it blows off dust in multiple directions. It is also fully weatherproof with an innovative design that allows for the CaraFan to be fitted on a 45 degree panel in front of the caravan if needed.

It is recommended to install the CaraFan Sahara with an authorized caravan repair shop with wiring recommendations at 4mm to handle its 6 amp power draw. It is capable of pushing out 200 litres per second of filtered air that is enough to pressurise a 8-m caravan.

The objective of having a CaraFan Sahara is to safeguard your caravan, its equipment and electronics by keeping dust out in the interior. More importantly, it allows for a better ventilation system that does not take a toll on your health and overall caravan experience.

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