How to Flush Out Your Hot Water System in 6 Easy Steps

If you’re getting less hot water than usual for a nice hot shower in your caravan, the underlying problem could be that you need to renew the quality of your hot water system. Renewing your hot water system is as easy as flushing out and refitting or replacing parts of your hot water system. This is something you could do yourself at home with a few tools and a couple of minutes!

  1. You need to turn your pump off and release the pressure of your hot water system.
  2. Utilize a 27-inch socket to release the pressure from the system. Do note you’re going to have to stand by the side of your caravan to be safe from the releasing pressure as this could potentially burn and/or hurt you. Also, do make sure you have buckets ready to catch the releasing water.
  3. Remove any corroded part of the hot water system to avoid plumbing problems that will add up to your hot water system problems and expenses in the long run.
  4. Repair your hot water system with brand-new, durable parts that withstand water flow and the pressure of the system.
  5. Again, use a 27-inch socket to reattach the parts of your hot water system.
  6. Fill your hot water system with clean water and make sure that the water is in the system to avoid any leakage problems.

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