How to Automate Your 4WD Door Steps for Your Convenience

4WDs and off-the-road vehicles can usually get too high to reach. It can be challenging for you to get up quickly inside your vehicle or make putting stuff up on the top of your vehicle more of a hassle. Yet, 4WDs were made for off-road adventures and the Australian outbacks, and having the lifted up high on the ground for clearance is more of a need than a vehicle aesthetic.

Most of the time, 4WD owners and enthusiasts like you put up door steps or stirrups by the side of your vehicle. They can either be too bulky or just make getting up your 4WD a little less difficult. You want something significantly easy, convenient and quicker for you when it comes to hopping on and going straight on the pedal.

Introducing one of our favorite aftermarket products: ClearView Power Boards. ClearView’s power board door steps are automatic electronic side door steps fitted under your vehicle. They run along the length of your entire vehicle between its wheel arches on both driver and passenger sides. What makes these door steps convenient is that, again, they’re automatic and come down immediately for you when the vehicle door sensor installed along it is activated.

When your car door opens, the ClearView power boards are triggered by the sensor and automatically lower 300mm from your car door. It provides a convenient stepping height for you to get on your vehicle. And, only retracts when your door closes.

It has a 300kg load capacity, safety cut off feature and IP68 rating on the motors that make getting up on your vehicle not only easily-accessible but also guarantee that it is both durable and safe for you!

ClearView Power Board Door Steps are one of our most-recommended aftermarket installations that are undeniably a convenient and admittedly, cool way of getting in your 4WD. It’s also automatic so you won’t ever have to worry about its efficiency.

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