Fixing and Rebuilding Front Caravan Damages

Some caravan damages, no matter how small, might take over and ruin your total caravan experience. One damaged caravan front damaged a significant portion of this Paramount Caravan that came into our garage. We repaired it for internal water damages that damage its timberwork and internal materials.

Our process when it came to fixing this caravan front begins with:

First, removing the airtight skin or caravan sheeting

We removed the airtight skin or sheeting of which this caravan covers its internals. Due to internal water damages, we had to remove it so that we may locate and assess where the damages and how extensive these damages are. As for this caravan, we found that its timberwork rots and falls apart as the water that has seeped in weakens it. Substantial damages impact not only the timberworks but the entire caravan floor and of course, the safety and durability of the caravan’s interior.

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Next, after assessing the damage and removing the caravan front covering

we proceeded with rebuilding the entire caravan front with new timberwork.

We replaced the damaged timber with sturdier woodwork. And, reskinned the caravan. Sheeting the caravan again and keeping them tight in place. Furthermore, we checked the caravan sheet to see if there are any other entry points that might damage the insides of the caravan again. We want to make sure that every caravan repaired with us is protected from simple drizzles to heavy storms. Besides that, we ensure that all caravans get more than adequate protection from hail and snowstorms.

Finally, after rebuilding and resheeting, we refitted all the caravan appliances again.

Everything from wall-mounted cabinets and TVs. We reattach appliances and items mounted or fixed on the walls and floors nearby and at the portion of the damages, we fixed. As for this caravan, its front part.

We are glad to have successfully repaired this Paramount Caravan. Rest assured, this caravan is cruising through highways and camping spectacular views. With its caravan owner, one of our valuable clients is competent that Australia’s Best Caravan Service Center has fixed all internal damages present in this caravan.

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