Claim Your Insurance on Caravan Damage Repairs

Claiming your insurance for damage repairs the right way is a must. Here at McArthur Industries you won’t have to worry about having insured damage repairs for your caravan. Present to us your insurance claim and we will help you with it right away. We have been working with most of the trusted insurance companies in Australia. Inform us when you present it to whom we’ll be transacting the insurance process.

First, do contact your insurer. Contact your insurance company or insurance broker as soon as possible. You will be needing to make your claim and produce all the needed information that will allow you to get your claim.

Next, it is important to provide as much credible evidence you can to justify your caravan damages. Record it with written documents, images, videos, and even witnesses that can vouch for the legibility of the damages and insurance claim.

Finally, upon receiving your insurance claim you may present it to us and we can work on your repairs immediately with an added touch of quality, care and customer service support.

We’ll pick up your caravan if you need to, and even deliver it, all-repaired, straight to your door.

Feel free to consult with us at (07) 3869 2969 and have the most of your insurance claim at McArthur Industries’s subsidiary AllBrand Caravans. Contact us or visit our shop if you need an expert service on Caravan Awnings.