Caravan and Trailer Wheels Service

Why You Need Your Caravan Wheels Serviced and How It’s Done

McArthur Industries performs every caravan and trailer wheel service in a strictly-followed process. This process involves quality checks, inspections, and replacements. Wheels are fundamental at not only making your caravan move. They ensure a more comfortable, smoother, and safer caravanning experience for you. When your caravan and trailer wheels have problems, it’s best you have them checked and replaced if needed. Swerving, grinding, and faulty brakes are important issues to consider for repairs.

Here at Sandgate Auto Electrics, a subsidiary of the McArthur Industries group, we service caravan and trailer wheels by:

First, remove the wheel hub assembly of your caravan.

Your wheel hub bearing assembly or unit is an important component of your caravan’s steering system. Your caravan wheel hub assembly assures you a safe caravan steering experience. It increases your vehicle’s handling and you’ll find yourself at ease making those tight turns. Thus, this makes it important for us to remove your caravan’s wheel hubs and begin our wheel service check-up from there.

Second, we inspect the backing plates of your trailer.

Backing plates are fundamental to housing the wheel cylinder that connects the brake shoes. These protect your brake system’s disc pad interface from dust, rocks, and road debris that accumulates along the road. It helps lengthen the condition and quality of your brake system. Backing plates in the long run cut down on your repair and replacement expenses. We inspect your backing plates as they can be crucial to making your brake systems function together.

Third, we check the brake pads.

If you hear grinding from your caravan’s metal parts or your brakes screeching, then you definitely need this service. Your brake pads are the most important part of this inspection as they are the reason they make your caravan brake. With worn-out brake pads, you are endangering you and your passengers.

There’s a second difference from having a quality brake that helps you stay safe on the road from a bad one that might get you in an accident. We check the brake pads if they’ve gone less than 3-4 mm in thickness. This usually indicates you must have your brake pads replaced.

Fourth, we perform quality checks on the electromagnetic brakes of your caravan.

Your caravan’s magnets contribute to the way your brake makes your caravan halt immediately and slow down smoothly. We take a look at the magnets and locate any erratic observations with the way they function.

Fifth, we inspect the bearing from discoloration.

With frequent metal friction, contact, or lubricant surface stains, your wheel bearings will discolor and darken. This discoloration increases your wheel brakes’ temperature. These soften your brake pads and rendering them less effective at braking. Another thing that it does is burn your brake pads and send smoke going all over your tires.

Sixth, we clean all the grease around your caravan’s wheels.

Our expertise at wheel service ensures that the grease applied to your caravan does not exceed or not be enough. Too much grease can increase the friction and temperature inside your caravan’s bearings. The excess temperature then decreases the effectiveness of your wheel’s lubricant. With the grease all cleaned up, we reach the final step of servicing your caravan wheels.

Finally, repack your caravan’s bearings and hubs.

After reattachment and lubrication, wheel bearings are now set and ready to function. Installing the wheel hub assembly again to make the entire wheel system functional. Once we perform one final quality check and test drive on your entire wheel and brake system, we can assure you that your caravan is at its best and safest.

We recommend having your caravan and trailer wheel service at least once every year. This ensures that your caravan is in top condition to make your caravanning trips safe and enjoyable. Trust quality caravan and trailer wheel service only with expert technicians. Experts that offer skill and experience at their max effort to make sure your caravan is now safer, smoother, and better to drive.

Enjoy the best caravan and trailer wheel service for you here at McArthur Industries! Contact us or visit our shop if you need an expert service on caravans.