Adjusting Your Caravan’s Tempering Valve for More Hot Water

Sometimes you cannot get enough hot water to have that soothing, relaxing warm bath in your caravan. It is either not hot enough or isn’t flowing as much as you expect it to be.

We recommend adjusting your tempering valve for your caravan’s hot water system. It adjusts the hot water flowing to your caravan’s water system and distributes it enough for you to get the right speed and pressure to keep it going.

Your tempering valve is an adjustable 2-inlet mixing valve which is temperature activated and used to moderate your hot water flow. It moderates the hot water flowing by mixing the hot water running in the water system with cold water to achieve a water temperature of ≅50°C (122°F). Water with reduced temperature is then delivered to the taps and shower heads around your motorhome.

Now the flow for your hot water needs might not be enough. Adjusting your tempering valve allows you to have the needed hot water flow that will complete your caravan experience.

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