5 Common Car Problems and How to get them Fixed

More often than not, as a driver, you must have encountered at least one car problem in your time on the road. It can’t be helped but both new and old cars will eventually end up having something wrong with it. Sure, there are reliable car makes and models that guarantee a problem-free driving experience for 6-18 months since you’ve driven it.

Instead of not knowing how to handle it at all. It might be best to train and educate yourself on how to solve common car problems you’ll encounter sooner or later on the road. We’ll be sharing expert tips that are recommended for the everyday driver like you. If not, as a car expert, you might be able to relate to these tips, and somehow understand why these common car issues need to be informed and dealt with.

Broken Drive Belts. Drive belts are essential car parts responsible for the function of other cars parts. When your drive belt fails, a domino-effect could result in more of your car’s parts malfunctioning. One of which would be a loss of power that helps with the precision of your steering system. It will also stop water pumping to circulate in your vehicle’s cooling system. If you hear squealing noises in front of your vehicle or find your engine overheating, then you could be having broken drive belt problems.

Tips from the Expert: Change your drive belt.

Fuel Leaks. Problems with fuel fire up serious problems. When in hot conditions, fuel can vaporize and exceed the pressure in the tank. Driving with a fuel leak is an obvious danger to you and your passengers as it is highly flammable and leaves a dangerous slick for cars behind you. Fuel leaks are due to your tank rotting or getting old and failing over time.

Tips from the Expert: Don’t drive your vehicle and have your fuel tank checked by professional mechanics.

Weak Battery. Changes in temperature can damage the quality of your car’s battery. After the summer, the heat could potentially wear out your battery. The same goes after the winter season with your battery exposed in cold, low-temp conditions. Overuse of your battery to cool and heat your car can wear it out. When your battery is low on power, your vehicle’s engine won’t have enough power to support running your vehicle. You want to avoid this as this is one of the most common causes of leaving people stranded and pushing cars on the road.

Tips from the Expert: Change your worn-out batteries. As an added bonus, try Lithium battery systems.

Overheated Engine. Surely, the most common problem of them all is an overheated engine. If steam begins to come out of your car’s engine, pull over as soon as possible. When your engine hasn’t been given time to cool, it can overheat and even seize. Some overheated engines may likely be destroyed.

Tips from the Expert: Let your car cool down from time to time. Have your engine fixed for any leaks with professional mechanics.

Broken Air Conditioning. A broken AC is a formula for a terrible driving experience. Air-conditioning is everything when it comes to making driving a comfortable experience for you. When your ACs performance begins to downgrade, it’s high time to look into it.

Tips from the Expert: Have your AC unit repaired by air-conditioning system experts.

When faced with these common car problems, you’ll need repair specialists that you can trust and depend on when you’re in need. Here at Sandgate Auto Electrics, we make ourselves readily-available on-call and at our shop if you need us to fix your car issues like the most common ones above when you’re on the road or making a visit here at our shop at McArthur Industries. Contact us or visit our shop if you need an expert services on cars.