4 Useful Caravan Tips Before You Go Camping

Taking a caravan camping trip to the outbacks and great outdoors of Australia is such a fun and fulfilling way to spend your weekend. In the evening, you and your mates drive your caravan to your campsite, light a fire and make s’mores. It’s all fun camping out but you wouldn’t want it all to be a waste with your caravan breaking down or having dangers to your safety.

Here are 4 useful caravan tips you should do before camping. These are simple visual checks that mean heaps for your caravanning safety. You can do all these yourselves or head over to McArthur Industries and we can help you with all of these in one go.

1 Check your lights

Lighting is always important no matter what. You’ll be needing it to light up your path and make sure your caravan is not treading over dangerous roads.

Make sure your caravan and truck lights are all functional and covers the portion of the road you will need lighting on. Locate them on the roof of your caravan or truck, your headlights, tail lights, and even brake lights. What’s more important than the area your lights light up or how bright they are is whether or not they work. Your lights must be working.

It is recommendable for caravan campers to attach wide LED lights that brighten up a whole road in pitch dark. They come in different light intensities, temperatures, widths, sizes, and diode types.

As seen in the video is a 4WD 7” + 22” Driving Light Set from 4×4 Tough. It is laid out with genuine Osram LED chips that are IP68 Water Resistant light units. Mud, muck, and water won’t be of any problem when you take your truck or caravan to a wild outback trip. It’s got polycarbonate lenses that’re stronger and safer than glass. The 7” Pair Driving lights, at 5200 lumens, that come along with it light a distance of 1 lux at 315 meters. From afar, the 22” Light Bar lights 1 lux at 1095 meters with 14156 lumens given off by the light bar.

2 Check tire pressure

Next thing you should do is check your caravan and automotive’s tire pressure. Having low tire pressure endangers you and everyone in your caravan with the possibility the tires might lose control at high speeds. You’ll be at high speeds most of the time especially when you are taking a long trip out on the highways. Checking your tire pressure also saves up on fuel consumption and lessens the wearing out of your tires.

First, you must use a quality and precise tire pressure gauge. After making sure your tires are cold before driving your vehicle or not less than 3 hours after driving it, you’ll check if your tires are at the right pressure with your pressure gauge for your truck (at 30-35 PSI) and for your caravan (at 45 PSI). You can check what pressure is right for your vehicle by checking its user manual. Again, you’ll insert your tire pressure gauge into your tire’s valve stem.

After a substantial reading and air escaping from the stem, you’ll want to compare the PSI from your tire pressure check and the PSI made for your vehicle’s car. It can be located in your vehicle’s manual or a sticker inside your car usually found inside the driver’s side of the vehicle. It is important to note to never compare your PSI to the sidewall of your tire.

When it comes to checking your tire pressure, make sure it ain’t too low nor too high.

3 Tighten wheel nuts

Securing your wheels on your vehicle we should say is a must. It helps avoid having a loose tire that makes your caravan swerve and lose control. Tighten your wheel nuts before your camping trip or with every 50 kilometer drive you take with your caravan. If you hear loud, clanging sounds around your wheels when you drive. It is best to have them tightened the soonest.

4 Flush your hot water system

Next, you should flush your hot water system. This way you get to not just reset the overall temperature of your water system but at the same time clean out any impurities present in the water. Clearing it out also improves the quality of the hot water you get for your warm, relaxing showers. This also includes replacing the internal tempering valve of your caravan.

Check out our blog on adjusting your tempering valve at our website https://mcarthurindustries.com.au/ and even know more of our caravan services from AllBrand Caravans.

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